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Getting to La Ventana / El Sargento and Casa Datil

Baja East Cape Map Map to Casa Datil

On the map it looks like El Sargento and La Ventana are two very distinct towns. In reality, it is very hard to tell where one stops and the other starts. The house is located in El Sargento. The Baja SUR map will get you to El Sargento/La Ventana from either the La Paz airport or the San Jose del Cabo airport and the detail map will get you from the turn-off on Highway 286 to the house – CASA DÁTIL (DAH teel). Datil is the Spanish word for the Date Palm. Watch for cows and speed bumps on all roads. Normally speed bumps are marked with yellow paint on the bump and a sign on the right indicating TOPE, which is the Spanish name for speed bump. Recently the Mexicans have been renaming the speed bumps REDUCTORS. So be careful of either TOPE or REDUCTORs. Your car and your back will thank you. Unfortunately not all speed bumps are marked so drive with caution. The grocery selection in La Ventana/El Sargento is limited to a few small local markets. It is recommended that you shop at a large grocery store in La Paz if coming via La Paz or in Los Barriles if arriving from the San Jose del Cabo airport.


Drive out of the airport and turn right, placing you on Hwy 1 towards La Paz. Turn right at the large whale tail monument onto Blvd Las Garzas (also called Blvd Agustin Olachea). Take this road to the first stoplight and turn right on Blvd Luis D. Colosio. You will be going through part of the city of La Paz. Be careful for STOP signs as they are often hidden behind trees. You will come to a major intersection with a large shopping center on your left, this is a good place for your grocery shopping. Blvd Luis de Colosio will turn into Hwy 286. You will now be following signs to Los Planes and as you finally leave town you will pass the Pepsi and Coca Cola bottling plants. Hwy 286 will take you up toward the mountains and drops down into the Los Planes valley. It is here that you will have your first view of the breathtaking La Ventana Bay.

About half an hour after leaving La Paz you will make a left on the paved road signed EL SARGENTO and LA VENTANA. There will be a number of small billboards at the corner advertising restaurants and hotels. if you haven’t spotted the sign for La Ventana and come upon a PEMEX gas station in “the middle of nowhere” you have gone too far and may want to ask for directions or confirmation you are on the correct road. If you don’t speak Spanish and want directions, just show a Mexican your map and point at La Ventana/El Sargento.


Try to arrange your flight into San Jose del Cabo airport so that you do not have to drive at night. The livestock, potholes, washouts, etc. make driving very dangerous. With that said these are the directions. After leaving the airport, follow signs to La Paz. You will go over the overpass and circle to the right, and be going north on Highway 1. In about 45 minutes/66km, you will get to Los Barriles. Don't forget about grocery shopping in Los Barriles. SuperMercado Chapitos is only a few blocks from the turnoff and is on the left side. Continuing north on Hwy 1 you will pass the town of San Bartolo before getting to San Antonio (45 minutes /46km from Los Barriles).

The turn-off from San Antonio to a paved road going toward Los Planes and La Ventana, has a very small sign that may or may not be there. The good news is that it is the only right-hand turn after you pass the PEMEX gas station in San Antonio. So to find this turn-off, you slow way down at the Pemex Station and take the FIRST right-hand turn – about 100 yards past the station. Then  follow the paved road.  After driving about 13.5 miles, you will come to a paved road (Hwy 286). Turn left/west on the Hwy 286. You will be going in the direction of La Paz. You will pass a Pemex Gas Station on your right. The turn-off to LaVentana/El Sargento is a short distance further.


From the turnoff on Hwy 286, La Ventana is about 7km and El Sargento an additional 3 km. The road is paved and very straight. You will pass Baja Joe’s and the campgrounds on the right side of the road. Continue thru La Ventana to El Sargento until you see the Police Station. This will be about 7 miles from the turn-off of Highway 286. The Station is very small and will be on your left side or the west side of the road. You will go past the Police Station for about one block. The paved road turns into a dirt road and will curve to the left/west. After you make this curve you will take the first right/north turn; then turn right/east at the second road going to the beach. Go one block toward the beach. The house is on the waterfront lot to the left/north and is surrounded by a  terracotta privacy wall. The entry gate is on the small access road that parallels the beach. Next to the gate on the privacy wall is a sign saying CASA DATIL. The house is blue.  Usually, there are several pongas (Mexican fishing boats) on the beach or anchored off-shore.


You will have to open the  gate to enter. Remember, there will be a sign saying CASA DÁTIL on the gate. Hopefully, you will arrive in the daylight. It makes it much easier and driving at night is not recommended in Baja and especially in this area with open range. Black cows are hard to see on black asphalt at night.

Because no one knows for sure exactly when you will be arriving, there may or may not be a person there to greet you. The keys will be left in the door. We have tried to make the map as detailed as possible so you will feel comfortable – either day or night arriving without someone there. We live in Los Barriles, about 1 1/2 hours away, from mid October to April. If you have a problem we can be reached via email (iukih@aol.com) or by phone. Our phone number in Mexico is 01-624-142-8088 (from the U.S. you would dial 011-52-624-142-8088).

This all might sound very complicated BUT as you can see by the maps, there really are not too many roads to choose from so getting lost is harder than finding the place. Have fun and enjoy the scenery.

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