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Getting to Los Barriles and Casa Siete

Baja East Cape Map Map to Casa Siete


Try to arrange your flight into San Jose del Cabo airport so that you do not have to drive at night. The livestock, potholes, washouts, etc. make driving very dangerous. With that said, these are the directions. Leaving the airport, follow signs to La Paz. You will go over the overpass and circle to the right, and be going north on Highway 1. In about 45 minutes/66km, you will get to Los Barriles.


Drive out of the airport access road and turn right, placing you on Hwy 1 towards La Paz. At the large whale tail monument go to the right onto Blvd Las Garzas (also called Blvd Agustin Olachea). Take this road to the first intersection and turn right on xxxxxxxxxx. You will be following signs to San Jose del Cabo or Cabo San Lucas. On your left will be a drainage area and on your right will be a University and housing project. You will come to a major intersection, turn right. You will now be on Hwy 1 again heading south. Shortly after going thru the town of San Padreo, you will come to the intersection with Hwy 19, stay to the left on Hwy 1. Continue on Hwy 1 through the towns of El Triunfo, San Antonio, and San Bartilo until you get Los Barriles.


Once you get to Los Barrilles there is only one MAIN road through the town that is primarily heading north. Go north all the way through town. After leaving town, you will pass through two very large arroyos. An arroyo is a sandy drainage area from the mountains (items 1 & 2 on map). As you leave the second arroyo, you will start up a small hill. About 100 feet from the top of the small hill you will turn right onto a dirt road (item 3). Check your odometer  - from here to Casa Siete it will be exactely 1.44 miles. You will be heading north on the dirt road with the Sea of Cortez on your right and the paved road on your left. Neither of which you can easily see. There are many houses between this road and the water. Casa Siete is on this road and you don’t have to turn down any side roads. Casa Siete has a long orange/brown colored wall (140 feet long) with a metal gate with CASA SIETE written in white metal letters on it. Across the street is a very large blue/green house called Casa Esplendida. These two are very hard to miss BUT if you start down a hill with a sharp curve – you have gone too far (item 4). OR if you find yourself driving on a paved road and heading up into the hills, turn around and go back and find the turn-off (3 on the map). As you can see on the map, there are not many roads to choose from, so it is quite easy to find the correct road.